Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is clinique or proactiv better?

i dont care about price of either

nor do i care if you get more amount or a free facial mask

yes i am a teen and i get acne

but mainly on my forehead

which one is better?Is clinique or proactiv better?
I haven't heard of Clinique, but I tried Proactiv and it didn't do anything.

I recommend that you see a dermatologist about it- get some presecription acne stuff because it's the only thing that works for me(well it works but it takes a long time).Is clinique or proactiv better?
You may want to try the Arbonne's Intelig. line.

Anyone wants a sample e-mail me

You also have 45 days to return the item and it's pure, natural and adjusts to all skin types. If $ is not an issue.
Try's probably cheaper than the two u mentioned and works great. I've been using it for a long time now, and my face is complaints here.
proactiv burned my skin [but its fine now] so i suggest u dont use it if u have sensitive skin. clinique? ummm i use noxema. its really good and keeps ur skin feeling soooo freshh
Dont get clinque I have tried it, it doesnt do anything. Proactiv didnt work for me either and it works for very little people. Their refining mask is amazing though. I would get proactiv and try it and if you arent satisfied with it then use the refining mask it works great!

Good Luck!
i'd say proactiv
Proactiv worked the best for me and it is not as expensive as some other products.
I know a lot of people who have tried proactiv and it didn't work for them... If you're acne is mild, then proactiv might help, like it did for Jessica and P.Diddy. You might give it a shot, they usually have a 100% money back guarantee policy within a certain time period, so I would DEFINITELY keep your receipts and what not (basically, plan on returning it, just in case). Good luck.

I TRIED SEARCHING ON EBAY for Clinique pore Minimizer thermal Active Refiner but could not find it...plz help

Dillards carries itI TRIED SEARCHING ON EBAY for Clinique pore Minimizer thermal Active Refiner but could not find it...plz help
why not go to a regular Clinique store?

Clinique Superfit foundation or MAC Studio fix liquid foundation?? HELP?

whats better?? i really want to find the best foundation and ive narrowed it down to these 2! plzz dont reccamend any thing else because thats just more confuzing. lol

PLZ HELPPPPClinique Superfit foundation or MAC Studio fix liquid foundation?? HELP?



Urgghh... Hun u should choose a foundation which is better for ur face. But go w/ the Clinique. Liguid Foundation is more terrible than nearly anything.
MAC is really bad for ur skin and really thick! i would deffinetly use clinque!

Hope I helped!
  • adult acne
  • Clinique anti perspirant?

    is clinique anti perspirant good? anyone used it before?Clinique anti perspirant?
    yeah!! love itt!

    Clinique Pore Minimizer?

    I just purchased the system and i was wondering has anyone used it ? Did you notice a difference in your pores and over what period of time?

    xx thanks!Clinique Pore Minimizer?
    all i cna say is clinique works sooo much better tahn anyother brand. i think like 4 to 6 dys? idn i think though

    Clinique perfectly real compack?

    is it any good?? pros and cons??Clinique perfectly real compack?
    it is just goodClinique perfectly real compack?
    clinique is very old fashioned and affordable....i used to use that. but now i use dr.hauschka
    If you are oily, no.

    Clinique VS Estee Lauder for acne prone skin?

    Clinique would probably be better against acne prone skin. It's oil free and much lighter. Estee Lauder and Lancome tend to be very heavy in the makeup foundation section. You'll look like you have on a mask. I personally would prefer Shisheido, it's much softer and lighter.Clinique VS Estee Lauder for acne prone skin?
    no proactive is better

    so try itClinique VS Estee Lauder for acne prone skin?
    CLINIQUE they have a package for about 32.50, it helps with your face, and dry skin, its awesome!! i also like clinique make up better than estee lauder although i feel more expensive when i bug estee lauder make up lol
    stop eating greasy fooodss!!!!!11
    Clinique hands down. I use it every night and my skin is so clear.
    Try herbalife bar soap or there 3- 2-1 formula. its all natural and it works.
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