Thursday, December 10, 2009

Whici is beter dermalogica or clinique?

dermalogicaWhici is beter dermalogica or clinique?
Dermalogica for sure spend their money on scientific research and clinique in the ingredients ask for samplers before you buy them.

http://www.dermalogica.comWhici is beter dermalogica or clinique?
Dermalogica - this is used by professional estheticians and is MUCH better than Clinique.
clinique make up drys out your skin, its not that great either
I believe Dermalogica. They don't use chemical foaming agents. Look at the list of ingredients on the back of both products and you'll see a lot of chemicals and colouring agents on Clinique, and natural plant extracts in Dermalogia, no colours added. Dermalogica is only sold in professional salons. Clinique is sold in department stores. Price difference is negligible. . . Dermalogica all the way, i've been using it for nearly 10 years.
I prefer clinique but I do like the rice powder cleanser that exfoliates by dermalogica.
Definitely clinique!! Dermalogica is too perfumy!!

This is the brand I was told was the best when I went in to get my facial! It's more expensive and harder to find, but worth it!

And I actually hate Clinique cause it reminds me of the stupid biatches in high school that thought they were sooooo cool cause they wore Clinique. And they would take it to 50lbs of makeup on their face. Sickening!

But other than the little bias- i still say Dermalogica.
Try it for yourself. What is good for one person isn't good for another. Whichever one works best for you.

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